May 26th 2019



In partnership with The Rec Rooms

alongside Horsham District Council and

Food Rocks

an aircooled only Volkswagen show

An aircooled only Volkswagen show set amongst the cobbles of Horsham Town Centre


May 26th 2019.

Main display 10am - 3pm


Horsham Town Centre,

West Sussex.


Plum Jam for Dubbers - An aircooled only, Volkswagen show in a town setting. A chance to show off your ride to an adoring audience of all ages whilst checking out others and enjoying a day of music and entertainment.

Plum Jam for Lovers - Come take a stroll round the town, checking out cool VW's, boutique markets, award winning street food plus music & entertainment throughout the town.

With thanks to our wonderful sponsors

Photos throughout the site by: Plum Jacobs//Tristan Young Photography//Janet Brown//Goldfish69 Photography//Jimmy Lindsay//Hurley Photography//Duncan Bradley//Sam Flynn//please contact for details

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